We Capital, founded in 2020, currently manages over $300m in
assets from both institutional and individual investors. Our fund is
focused on early to growth-stage investment opportunities within
the technology, SaaS, consumer and e-Commerce sectors in the
U.S. and Asia. With our fund managing experiences and global
network coverage, we are able to add substantial value to
companies through the knowledge and resources made available to
us by our team and partners.

A large number of our investments are market leading investment
opportunities. We help nurture companies to grow and historically,
our team has been able to consistently provide above-average
returns for our investors. We expect and strive to continue this
excellent track record by utilizing our strong network, seasoned
experience, and unparalleled vision in prospective deals.

With the name We Capital, we are not only the capital manager, we
are also a part of the start-up community. We share our vision with
our entrepreneurs and we thrive with our portfolio and investors.

At We Capital, we carefully select the most promising investments
with the objective and ambition to maximize the potential of each of
our investments through our deep commitment to our vision and our
wisdom. Through our extensive research, knowledge-base, and
industry expertise, we consistently deliver significant returns with our
innate ability to execute critical investment decisions prudently,
promptly, and efficiently.